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Arts of Haiti coming to an end
October 26, 2018
Arts of Haiti website will come to an end on 30 November.  [ Read More... ]

New Book on Haitian art and religions
August 22, 2016
Spiritual Illuminations from the Whole World  [ Read More... ]

A Newcomer to ARTSHAITI
April 26, 2010
Edouard St. Luc, one of Bertelus Myrbel's associates in Cap Haitien, did an earthquake painting, offered for sale to raise reconstruction funds.  [ Read More... ]

Funds to Gawou Ginou Foundation
April 26, 2010
Contributions from ARTSHAITI and several other donor organizations are enabling the town of Mirabaliais and the C-CLAK school and community center to respond to a massive influx of refugees from Port-au-Prince.  [ Read More... ]

New Works from Bertelus Myrbel
April 26, 2010
Bertelus Myrbel was finishing a new set of history paintings and two religious works when the Earthquake hit.  [ Read More... ]

A new donation foundation for Arts Haiti
February 19, 2010
Arts Haiti is pleased to announce that under the auspices of Gawou Ginou Foundation we can now allocate tax deductible funds directly to the Centre Léocardi et Alaxandre Kenskoff (C-CLAK) in Mirabalais, Haiti.  [ Read More... ]

ArtsHaiti donates profits to help rebuild earthquake destroyed institutions and programs
January 26, 2010
ArtsHaiti donates profits to help rebuild earthquake destroyed institutions and programs. We hope you will consider owning a small piece of Haiti in order to contribute to the massive efforts of restoration that begin now.  [ Read More... ]

New Garraway book has Myrbel cover
May 15, 2008
The history painters of Cap Haitian carry the memories of such heroes as Toussaint Louverture in works that serve to remind all those with eyes to see of the importance of the Haitian Revolution.  [ Read More... ]

Arts of Haiti Salutes Haitian Heritage
May 3, 2008
Haitians celebrate the rich heritage of Haiti throughout the month of May. For special events in a city near you, check the web for HAITIAN HERITAGE MONTH.  [ Read More... ]

Haitian Art featured in Caribbean Literature Book
April 28, 2007
Wilson Bigaud's Haitian masterwork, "Earthly Paradise" graces cover of Caribbean Literature and the Environment volume.  [ Read More... ]

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